What is the reason for uneven pores in PU foam, and what is the solution?

polyurethane foam

There are many reasons why the air pores are not uniform when making PU foam. Here are some possible reasons:

1.Uneven distribution of foaming agents: Uneven distribution of foaming agents may result in uneven pore size and distribution. This can be caused by an uneven dispersion or inadequate mixing of the foaming agent during mixing.

2.Erratic air temperature: Temperature instability may result in uneven size and distribution of spongy bubbles. For example, if there is a sudden change in ambient temperature, the rate at which the gas diffuses during foaming may change. It can affect bubble size and distribution.

3.Incorrect raw material ratio: For example, too much or too little of some raw material adding will affect the formation and size of pores.

To solve the above problems, here are some possible solutions:

Mixing well: When preparing the mixture, make sure to mix all the ingredients well to ensure the blowing agent is evenly dispersed.

Control ambient temperature: During the foaming process, maintaining a stable ambient temperature can help maintain uniform pore size and distribution.

Adjust the ratio of raw materials: Improve the size and distribution of pores by adjusting the ratio of raw materials. The optimum ratio can be determined by experimentation.

To sum up, there may be many reasons for uneven stomata, and corresponding solutions need to be taken according to specific situations.

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