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Supplying foam scrap, crushed foam, foam chemical, rebonded foam,

PU foam, memory foam, roll foam, latex foam.

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We produce a complete set of products about foam. Including

foam scrap/crushed–foam chemical–rebonded foam–foam

For your foam factory , what support you can get from Alforu?

Our Services Always Go The Extra Mile

1. Easy handing but most suitable machines. We have our own designed machines based on our using experiences.
2. All kinds of raw material related, for cost evaluation and stable supply.
3. Specially for rebounded foam production, you have us, the most trustworthy foam scraps supplier here in China.
4. The whole support on production, not only machines and raw material as mentioned above, but also formula, machine maintenance and new product development.
5. Technical and marketing support for end products made from foam, such mattresses, office chair, sofas etc.

What do our customers say

I am a mattress factory owner. Alforu helped me solve all my problems. When the quotation is reasonable, I will prefer Alforu. Because their products meet my needs, and they also have a lot of high-quality suppliers of other mattress materials, it can save me a lot of time and cost.
Mr Alkafor
What I value more is their service. Alforu's response is very timely and they can effectively deal with various issues. They have many years of experience in the production of rebonded foam. So they helped me solve many production problems.
Ms Sahu
They always put me at ease. My factory needs a very large amount of foam scrap every month. I have changed many suppliers before due to various quality problems. Finally I met Alforu. I was always reassured by their quality. Now Alforu has been one of the companies I've worked with the longest and trusted the most.
Mr Aggarwal

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