What is the effect of foam skin on the quality of rebonded foam?

rebonding foam

The hard skin on the PU foam can affect the rebonded foam quality.

The hard skin on the PU foam will produce uneven foam scraps during grinding, which will result in uneven foam blocks in the rebonded foam. This will reduce its tensile strength, elongation at break and elasticity, which will negatively impact the quality of rebonded foam.

In addition, the hard skin on the PU foam makes it difficult for the chemical adhesive to penetrate the foam scrap. This results in poor adhesion between the re-bonded foam scrap. And can lead to reduced load-bearing capacity and less durability of the rebonded foam.

In some cases, the hard skin may be removed from the PU foam before rebonding. The quality of the rebonded foam is improved by crushing the foam scrap to a more uniform size. This allows better bonding between the scrap.

In general, hard skins on PU foam can negatively affect rebonded foam quality. However, with proper processing and preparation techniques, the negative effects can be minimized to make high quality rebonded foam.

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