What causes the rebonded foam easy to be torn?

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Rebonded foam is made up of a rebonded foam adhesive and small pieces of foam scrap compressed into one large foam block. If rebonded foam tears easily, there are many reasons, for example:

1.Poor bonding:Rebonded foam may tear easily if the foam scrap do not glue together well during compression.

2.Low density: Low density rebonded foam may be more fragile and easy to tear.

3.Poor quality foam scrap: If the foam scrap used to make rebonded foam is poor quality, the finished blocks will be also easy to tear.

4.Improper handling or storage: Rebonded foam can be easily torn if it is not handled or stored properly.

5.Age of the foam scrap: Rebonded foam can be easily torn if the foam scrap used to make rebonded foam is old or stored in poor conditions.

So to prevent rebonded foam from tearing easily, it is important to use good quality foam scrap, and ensure the compression process is completed correctly, and to handle and store the rebonded foam carefully. It is also helpful to choose good density foam scrao and to ensure that the foam is glued together correctly.

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