Sponge Foam Series Testing Equipment

foam tester
Equipment NameTesting Parameters
Sponge Foam Indentation Hardness TesterIndentation Hardness
Sponge Foam Fully Automatic Load Impact TesterFatigue Resistance
Sponge Foam Fully Automatic Drop Ball Rebound TesterRebound
Sponge Foam Density Measuring DeviceDensity
Slow Foam Rebound Foam Recovery Time TesterRecovery Time
Sponge Foam Permanent Deformation DevicePermanent Deformation
Sponge Foam Tensile Tear Strength TesterTensile, Tear
Sponge Foam Cutting Machine – Laboratory TypeSample Preparation
Sponge Foam Cutting TableSample Preparation
Hard Foam Plastic Fragility TesterFragility
Hard Foam Plastic Compression and Shear Strength TesterCompression and Shear
Hard Foam Plastic Water Absorption Tester Water Absorption
Sponge Foam Air Permeability TesterAir Permeability
Sponge Foam Energy Impact TesterImpact Energy and Absorption Energy, Microcomputer Control
Automobile Seat Body Pressure Distribution Measurement SystemPressure, Pressure Distribution
Sofa/Mattress Body Pressure Distribution Measurement SystemPressure, Pressure Distribution
Mobile Body Pressure Distribution Measurement Demonstration System
(For Use in Retail Stores, Suitable for Demonstrations)
Pressure, Pressure Distribution
Automotive Interior Material Combustion Characteristics TesterFlame Retardancy
Automotive Interior Part Volatile Fogging TesterVolatile Testing
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