How do you test and measure the performance of rebonded foam? What are the most important quality criteria to consider?

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If you want to test and measure the performance of the rebonded foam, here are some testing methods for your reference:

1.Compressing Test: Compress the rebonded foam to a percentage of its original height and measure the force required you to do so. It can test the rebonded foam for its firmness, density, and elasticity.

2.Tensile Test: Stretch the rebonded foam until it breaks and mark the force required. It can evaluate the strength and elasticity of rebonded foam.

3.Tear Test: Tear the rebonded foam and measure the force required to do so. This test can be used to determine the tear resistance of rebonded foam.

4.Impact Test: Drop a heavy object on the rebonded foam and record the force required to deform the rebonded foam. This test can be used to determine the foam’s shock absorption properties.

5.Durability Dynamic Test: Simulates long-term use of rebonded foam by repeatedly compressing and relaxing the it. This test is possible to determine the durability and resilience of the rebonded foam used over a long period of time.

When assessing the quality of the rebonded foam, the following are the most critical criteria to be judged:

1.Density: Make sure the rebonded foam density should be consistent.

2.Elasticity: The ability of rebonded foam to return to its original shape after compression.

3.Compression resistance: Compression resistance gauges the amount of pressure the rebonded foam can tolerate before deforming.

4.Tensile Strength: Tensile strength quantifies the amount of force necessary to separate the rebonded foam.

5.Tear Resistance: The rebonded foam’s resistance to ripping when put under pressure is measured by its tear resistance.

6.Impact Absorption: The rebonded foam’s capacity to withstand impacts without breaking or deforming.

7.Durability: Durability is the rebonded foam’s capacity to hold onto its characteristics over time. Durability covers the product’s ability to withstand tearing and abrasion as well as the degradation of its qualities when exposed to external elements including heat, moisture, and UV radiation.

Manufacturers may make sure that their rebonded foam products match the requirements for their markets by testing and monitoring these variables.

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