What equipments are needed to set up a sponge foam factory?

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To start a sponge foam factory, what mechanical equipment do you need to understand? Let me briefly introduce the required machinery.

There are two main categories of machines for sponge foam factories: foaming machines and cutting machines. Foaming machines are further divided into continuous foaming machines, manual batch foam machines, and semi-automatic foaming machines. Depending on the product, production capacity, and investment amount, you can choose different foaming machines.

Cutting machines are further divided into:

Circular foam cutting machine: The circular foam cutting machine can be customized based on the size of the foam body, and it is divided into two types: suction platform and sanding platform.

Foam Rail Cutting Machine: Generally used for cutting long strips of sponge foam (over 20 meters) into rolls. Its working principle involves cutting the sponge foam along two tracks.

Horizontal foam cutting machine: Mainly used for cutting cubic foam for furniture. It is further divided into suction platform, sanding platform, and conveyor belt platform for driving the foam body. The cutting functions include roller cutting, thickness knife plate, and wide wheel cutting, each with its own cutting precision.

Vertical foam cutting machine: Used for fast cutting of sponge foam.

CNC contour cutting machine: Mainly divided into two categories, horizontal blade and vertical blade cutting. Choose different machines based on specific needs, such as single vertical blade, single horizontal blade, horizontal and vertical double blade machines. The blades are further divided into vibrating blades and circular blades. The choice depends on the product quality, with prices varying from high to low.

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